bar @ 2

Am in a bar drowning all my sorrows away

Wondering why it never works for me anyway

Wishing all my sorrows would run faraway

Then I raise my head up

Looking straight at her

Hoping she be the one

Love never looked me twice all the way

Am always stuck looking at the wrong way

Now am sipping, wondering if she is also my lost way

I look at her the 2nd time, she looks back, ‘what do u thinkin’ of…’ air supply, all out of love, playin’, wtf, this kind of songs don’t play in a Kenyan bar, where is the dundaing, coz am in the mood of kukataaing}

We look at each other for five seconds, she looks down and sips her drink

Touches her finger nails, then we look at each other again

Is she in the wrong place? then am in the wrong place, no way

We both in the wrong place searching for pure, genuine love, are we each other’s right way

She looks at me, I look at her, then it’s like we in an agreement of, NO WAY

Both seated tables 12 feet away, laugh with their drinks

Two confused human souls, agreeing psychologically with a stranger

Both in a club at 2 am, nothing good comes at night, both hoping this is the night their love lives see the light, Christ was born at night, why can’t this be their night

She is seated, knowing very well she is perfect in every way, it’s like she is saying won’t you come my way

If I don’t gather courage and talk to her, it’s my lose all the way

I stand up, and all of sudden the way to her is white all the way, it’s like a stairway to heaven all the way

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