Emotional story involving an engagement ring.

I thought we would last forever, I always say I can never give a person my heart, only my kidney, a joke it might seem to some but I always meant it, why? I didn’t want to be Davy Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s end, why give a person my heart which will make me alive no more to make a legacy together, I am a selfish person. So I gave him one my kidneys to save his life, my sweet healthy kidney, the thing that I cherish the most, but why shouldn’t I have? He was my fiancé, ‘till death do us apart’ was always fore playing in my head and heart over and over with my tongue running over my pink, juicy, glossing lips with excitement. On our anniversary he looked me straight in my pink puppy eyes and said “sorry Alannah, I don’t see you supporting me like I would like to, I have found one that supports my future and for that I would like the engagement ring back” and just like that he pulled the cushion cut diamond ring off my spongy index finger and walked away.



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