So how does it feel?

Like you won some mega jackpot?

When you go to sleep, are you happy?

Happy like you achieved your dreams,

Happy coz what you always wanted, you managed it,

Without even lifting a figure,

Bet, you be smiling every time you put your head on the pillow,

I too have to congratulate you,

Coz I too be smiling 4 you,

The difference is that mine is courtesy of red pepper,

That I got 4rm your red lips,

Thought they would be sweet & soft, like some burger,

Only to find it unsuited 4 human consumption,


you lied to it like it was some text evaluation,

And when you passed with flying colors, off you began the demolition,

Tears want to come out 4 you,

But I can’t let them, you aint worth it,

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