For Once in my life I crave things would go how I wish,
Stuck in a hell fire doungen trying to find my way out.
Looks like time is reversing, time’s rewinding back, shits repeating over and over, driving my head off the edge.
The walls I struggled to build no longer work, like ice they’re melting down,
I feel like am flying you know, though I stand, arms wide open 200 meters up,
Fresh air hitting my face whispering “freedom”,
The free feeling is lying to me to let go freely with no resistance,
Even if my pillow down below is of huge angry hardened stones which will make my head be like smashed potatoes.
But I hear in my head, you will be free repeating over and over again with great intensity.
I kinda like it’s reasoning,
Coz life never reasoned with me anyway.
All the negativity sucked my will long ago,
Am just a useless husk now😔.

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