Maybe we should let this go

Maybe we should let this go
Our future’s crying out loud
For it ain’t bright no more
Would’ve loved to take the blame
But you were too controlling
Came to you seeking maturity
But you over sped the train
Crashed into a mountain of lava
My heart now tells the aftermath

Tell me what do you see?

When you walked into my life thought you would be like the man with the S sign of hope on his chest in my life
But you turned up to be the guy with an image of red skull on his left arm , I am captain America, and you truly gave me some nasty headaches
Would have flied in to the black hole for you
Never realized you were the black hole consuming the pure
You told me on your side I would be untouchable
But like the dark phoenix, you ripped me apart
Like wolverine am struggling to put myself back together

Are you happy?

For stealing from such a naive soul

Now the naive will feel my wrath because of you

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