I’ve tried to write my wrongs way back from 1976,

But this is a Lucifer- god relationship, ain’t making any progress,

They do me wrong, I forgive.

I do them wrong, all of a sudden its CNN time

They be God, cut your head off, it’s all okay

I be of lucifertic bloodline, say don’t cut off head

I am charged with treason to the kingdom of the holy

My life never seemed so right 

Stuck in the right

I wanna make it right

See the light

Do might like mites

But am a fool for days

Try to go for greatness, but it eludes me like Johnny Depp’s dream of an Oscar

Try to update my brain, but it’s an error

Once a fool always a fool, they say!

Working my ass off, putting on everything I got

Happily, I know it’s my greatest work

With confidence, they say it’s like Kim Kardashian trying to sing

Always R.I.P-ing I, scoop lump of soil throw it on my body

Waiting for maggots to finish the job

But am the phoenix

They never see it coming

Reborn with the talents of God

I imagine and it comes to life

I sleep well

Even kings have no option but to bow down TO ME

Humble, but I have thump my chest for them to know who is in charge

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